Use fun to engage your customers

Generate loyalty a long time, fans and new clients to keep branding relevance positive experiences


visits and purchases

throught of contents and funny plays

Hight interaction

With your clients, during more time and the best way to get fun

Good experiences

For your clients, inside and outside from them


Suitable for your business and the workgroup

What is yepah?

yepah! is a platform that provide digital fun throught personal playings of differents brands to be able to share real experiences for users. We are compromised to get along with users in each conversion stage:


Prizes to win




Playing hours


Monthly sessions

Our plans

Fast shipping, get the needed metrics and generate large deadlines with them


  • Loyalty generic cards
  • 1 game
  • Generic kit
  • Geolocalization
  • Basic's stadistic
  • -
  • -
  • -

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Best valued


  • 200 loyalty custom cards
  • Limited games
  • Tablet kit yepah
  • Feed business top
  • Advanced stadistics
  • Mailing y push
  • Service feedback
  • Photo session/360

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  • 100 loyalty custom cards
  • Limited games
  • Basic kit yepah
  • Regular feed
  • Advanced stadistics
  • -
  • Service feedback
  • Photo session/360

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Data analytics in real time, stadistic data and demographics, retention rate, direct contact with your clients and system automatic exchange

+70 participant brands

We think in odds to generate the best for involved roles.
Ethic is fundamental to carry out our vision.